Inspiration for a smarter World

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GEOmedia 3-2022  - Inspiration for a smarter World

by Renzo Carlucci

This is the motto of the Intergeo Conference 2022, where the English language edition of GEOmedia, usually issued as the third of the year in the summer, will be distributed on next October.

The Conference will highlight current developments in surveying with following main topics:

Digital Twins and their value creation
4D-geodata and geospatial IoT
Potentials of remote sensing
Industrial surveying, measurement systems and robotics
Smart Cities and mobility in the context of climate change and sustainability
Mobile mapping, Web services and geoIT in disaster management Spatial reference and positioning
Earth observation and Galileo

Trend topics such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the diverse application possibilities of the Digital Twins, but also the current requirements for the Smart City and rural areas have their fixed place in the Conference. The Digital Twins will be a matter of particular importance in this edition. The focus will be on their use in Building Information Modeling, smart planning and construction ...