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GEOmedia 3 2017 Editorial by Renzo Carlucci

20 years of GEOmedia

I would like to remember to our readers that GEOmedia started in Italy more than twenty years ago, while the revolution of Geomatics was approaching to the field of interest and development of topography, remote sensing and photogrammetry. At the same time the University of Calgary in Canada began the first course and experimental programs on innovation of geomatics engineering in the world.

We are proud to announce in this publishing, completely in English to celebrate the INTERGEO Fair in Berlin, the start of the first Italian MSc in Geoinformatics engineering at the “Politecnico di Milano”, about what you’ll read inside our papers, among the others, specifically in the short article by Ludovico Biagi.
During last years GEOmedia, the Italian magazine on Geomatics, occasionally accepted for publication English insert or special issue, especially when the review has been regarding papers for the annual trade INTERGEO, the global hub of geospatial Community. GEOSPATIAL 4.0, BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING, BIG DATA, SMART CITIES, OPEN DATA are among the INTERGEO’S important issues we all need to address. At today the geo industry is claimed as one of the sectors with the biggest shortage of skilled labour, moreover the request to recruit competent young professionals is growing mainly in the public interest. In INTERGEO event the employers and the skilled professionals are together with many geo-technology experts of the public services, to explain this changing world to young workers. Europe needs not only good recruitment strategies, but also new ideas to overcome bottleneck problems and meet the needs of an ageing workforce.
In the very next future we’ll need both spatial data analysts and geodesists. INTERGEO 2017 is an inspirational experience and surely an initiative that will give us new insights.
For this GEOmedia, now as official media partner of the event, is in the distribution desk of the Conference Hall, for dissemination of the Italian knowledge and experience in the geospatial field, that we consider as one of the main cornerstone for land management, territory, environment and development of our smart (historic) cities.
The Italian contribution to Geomatics has a long tradition for advancing purposes in the field of topography, photogrammetry, remote sensing and mapping. Floods, marine coasts, hydrogeological hazards, volcanic and earthquake risk monitoring and management are at the daily information of the citizens and attention of all people involved in the organizations appointed. Across a fragile territory to be protected, rich of Monuments, Sites and Archaeological remains, we extend a field where the Geomatics methods and technologies are almost indispensable and so necessary.
For this aim too, some years ago we imagine Archeomatica, a magazine oriented to a wide dissemination of changing technologies for Cultural Heritage throughout the times. The internationalization of Archeomatica is one of our future goal for which we hope in the collaboration and your interest.

Enjoy your reading, Renzo Carlucci